Our solutions

Pacific Track is a full-solution company, providing various value-added development, configuration, and maintenance tools along with our hardware devices.

Visual Telematics eXperience (VTX)

VTX is Pacific Track’s maintenance and configuration platform. As a maintenance platform, VTX allows customers to verify the status of all the devices in their account. The platform is also accessible via APIs for customers who prefer to integrate this information into their own system.

VTX also handles the configuration of the devices. The configuration is entirely managed with a graphical editor which handles the device parameters (timing of periodic reports, etc.), the response of the device to local events (speeding, GPIO triggers, etc.) and the content of telematics reports.

VTX was designed by Pacific Track and is registered under US Patent US11070420B2.

Telematics Parsers

If you are a TSP (Telematics Service Provider) or are planning to use our telematics products as part of an in-house, closed system, we can help speed-up the integration of our products into your services.

Pacific Track has developed parsers to decode its very efficient proprietary binary protocol. These parsers are available in Java, C# and Python in source form to approved developpers.


For OEMs that are developing their own Hours Of Service (HOS) application, Pacific Track has developed SDKs for both Android and iOS operating systems. These SDKs handle the low level communication between the electronic logging device (ELD such as PT30 and PT40) and the HOS application.

These SDKs are refreshed periodically to handle the evolution of the respective mobile operating systems and to add features.


Eldman is a reference application to showcase the capabilities of Pacific Track’s SDKs. HOS application developers can jumpstart their development using Eldman. Developers can also leverage Eldman for test and troubleshooting purposes.

Eldman is available on Google Play and on the Apple App Store.

Eldman is not an HOS application.