Compatibility with California Air Resources Board

Clean Truck Check


The Pacific Track PT40 is compatible with the Clean Truck Check program as published by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). When enabled by your reseller, this feature allows the PT40 to periodically (or when requested by CARB) send information about the California Air Resources Board compliance of your vehicle to CARB. This removes the need for the operator to lose valuable time by having to drive to an approved test station.

The information that is sent by the Pacific Track device is accumulated by the engine control module(s) and automatically retrieved by the device while the truck is idling (if the truck starts moving while capturing the data, the process is restarted at a later time). The information submitted to CARB does not include any telematics data such as current or historical location, speed, driving behavior, etc.

Note: Pacific Track does not sell devices to individual users. Please contact your reseller for device pricing and configurations.

Integration with VTX

The CARB interface is fully integrated into Pacific Track Visual Telematics eXperience (VTX) . Devices that have this feature enabled will see a new view in the device detailed information:



Pacific Track is committed to update the PT40 (as well as future compliant devices) to match future CARB requirements as the specification evolves. This ensure that your fleet will always be compliant and without downtime due to lack of compliance. 

Additional Information

Additional information about the Clean Truck Program from CARB here.